Introducing Real Racer

Real Racer puts you in the driver’s seat of an RC car and immerses you into a whole new world perspective! A first-person view camera streams directly to your phone and turns every surface into a race track. Step into the next generation of RC play!


Driver's View

720p, 30 FPS live video stream from the car to your smartphone puts you behind the wheel and immerses you in the thick of the action


Low Latency

Take every twist, turn, jump and spin in real-time with Kobotix’s low latency video streaming technology


High Performance

Race at speeds up to 15 km/h (9.3 mph) whilst the 4-wheel drive system and fully independent suspension keeps you glued to the track


Tight Control

2.4 GHz pistol grip controller featuring fully proportional controls and multiple adjustment options


Record and Share

Save your race footage through the Real Racer app (iOS and Android) and show off your skills to your friends


Go the distance with 25 mins run time, and quick swap battery pack to keep the race rolling


Race at distances of up to 30 metres (98.4 feet)


Interchangeable body shells allow you to give your Real Racer a new look to suit your style

Get behind the wheel with Real Racer!

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